Sunday, 12 June 2011

OPI -DS Original!!!! Purple Holo

well after a few weeks of umming and ahhing about the price and shipping for this highly sort after and discontinued polish, and endless emails between me and my supplier, she finally gave me a deal i couldnt refuse, free shipping from USA to me in the UK, as long as i spent £100 in polish, well for a polishaholic like myself, this was a dreadfully easy feat :P she only had two originals in stock, so i said, il take both, :) one for me and one for my good friend kati, they arrived this morning, and so naturally, i had to try it out!!!!! tbh im just gunna leave the pics to speak for themselves!!
(all pics, 3/4 coats original, one coat seche vite)


  1. Wow, this is beautiful and it looks amazing on you!

    *new follower* (:

  2. This is super gorgeous and I know what you mean, it's too easy to spend £100 isn't it...!

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