Thursday, 2 June 2011

A Large Haul, & Models Own - Golden Peach/Silver smash-up

a little birdy told me that superdrug had some Barry M's on offer, so i rushed into town to stock up, some for swaps, and some for the elusive 100 follower giveaway :) but mostly for me :) yay
top row, bm cyan blue, bm blue shatter, 2true no 3, bm strawberry i/c, bm fuchsia

bottom row, 2true no 11&46, MO golden peach , bm blueberry i/c, bm grey, bm shocking pink, gosh gold, gosh misty mauve (limited ed.) gosh frou-frou, bm pink flamingo, bm peach melba, bm pink shatter, MO silver glitter shatter, 2true no 10&5

Models Own - Golden Peach
I saw this colour a few weeks ago at my local boots, but i ignored it, figured it wouldn't suit me, and that it would take to many coats to hide any vnl, well i admit, i have to eat my hat, it is amazing, a perfect coral, warm, a coral base, with gold and coral shimmer, which was very hard to capture! i could wear this polish for a few days without thinking its getting boring!!! this is a total of 3 coats, and no topcoat!! i loved the finish!! 

however i was bored of it by the next day, so i decided to try the;

Models Own-Silver smash-up

well i don't own opi silver shatter to compare this to, but from looking at swatches of it online, i think the models own is more of a silver colour as apposed to the glitter in the opi, it does however give off a nice eye-catching shimmer to the nail, the cracking effect is ok, i tried both thick and thin coats, with the thick being on the top 2 nails and thin coats on the bottom 2, i think with this polish the thicker coats have shattered better, the smash-up defo needs a top coat of something, as it is a rough glitter feeling finish, yuck lol, the pics are minus a top coat, as i knew it wasn't going to be long!!! lol 

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  1. Love Golden Shimmer!

    I would love to see GOSH Misty Mauve and Frou frou swatched. I haven't seen those GOSH colours here.

    intootje (I can't comment here with Google account)