Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Barry M - Peach Melba, GOSH Frou Frou and some new shoes :D

ive been on the look out for a perfect creamy orangey peach for this seasons summer, as we all know orange is in!! well last week i thought i had hit the jackpot with Models Own Golden Peach, but then a friend asked to borrow a colour like it without shimmer (she doesn't do glitter or shimmer!!) and i thought, hmmm i don't own anything  like it without a shimmer, so i racked my brains and thought maybe barry m have a orange one from there ice cream range, nope, then i went into superdrug last week and i found this! its called peach melba, and its a pale creamy peach with no shimmer, the colour sadly is extremely hard to capture, and this one is the closest to it! its kinda a salmon pink coral, but has a definite peach about it, like all barry m polishes this is only two coats, as all there polishes are thick and not overly fast drying sadly, 
one base coat, 2 coats peach melba and one coat of seche vite

well once again im using this polish to liven up a previous mani!!! i decided to put this over barry m peach melba after a day of wearing, as i got bored of it, so decided to completely layer it, as i hadnt got round to doing a full mani in it, and its a hot as i thought i would be, i love it so much, its a perfect dusky pink, mauve colour with same colour glitter, in the different lights, it looks dark purple, baby pink, dusky pink and even plain silver, application is amazing as with all gosh polishes, and it dries so quickly, i was expecting brush lines, but nope, just pure sex on my fingers :)

a very quick shoe purchase!! 

today i went to new look and got these babies, omg, sexy shoesss :)
me likey :) gunna be my new all the time heals me thinks, and they have the ankle support, so no problems wearing these babies all night long :) and shoes i promise you i wont leave you in the pizza house like i did my hot pink pair :( im such a bad momma :(
and now to look at my feet,. :) my friend was like, why bother to do pedi's on ur feet if u don't take pics, so i did :) kinda needs touching up tho, but didn't want to risk getting remover on my tips :)

here we have barry m - pure turquoise and barry m pink flamingo  topped with a few coats of china glaze fairy dust :)
hope your all well <3 and hugs
sammy x


  1. love the colors on your toes!!!

  2. Frou frou *drool*

    I couldn't walk in those shoes but you are going to look fab in them!

  3. Omg I love that BarryM! I don't have any of these yet!

  4. Lol Kati I am reminded of your wedding....

  5. the gosh colour is gorgeous!!

    please follow; X