Tuesday, 21 June 2011


well i was bored! and staring noticed i had an almost empty top coat, so i got playing, this was menna be a hot pink holo, but i over did the blue! but its still super duper pretty, im so proud of this :) cant wait to make more, this polish actually has large flakes of glitter as well as the tiny ones, if you look closely you can see, :D now i just need to name it, any ideas???? as so many of you liked this polish when i posted it on fb, i think i might include a mini sized bottle when i do my 100 follower giveaway :) yay, just need to get there first, :) hope you are all having a good day, night, evening, morning, lol i dunno what time to say!!!
hugs, sammy xxx

GOSH - Gold

here we have 2 coats of GOSH - Gold, and one coat of SV, cept on my ring finger where there is all a glitter holographic topcoat (franken)  i rele like this colour combo, and i was worried how the finish on the gold would be, as it looked as tho it could be gritty in the bottle, but was as smooth as foil on the nail, this mani lasted for about 4 days without chips, as with all GOSH polish's i love them all :) oo thinking about GOSH nail polish, i finally gave in and purchased a bottle of GOSH - Holographic off ebay, im now just nervously waiting for it to arrive!!!

Nails Inc. - Warwick Avenue

so my friend came over for me to do her nails the other day, and when i was done, she asked if i wanted any pics of the colour, as she knows theres no way i can get threw all of mine, and this was in my untried stash lol, , so here we have 3 coats of warwick Avenue, and one coat of SV, i do like Nail's Inc polishes, but, the brush is tiny, and the polish is quite quick drying so sometimes the brush can get abit gunky as the polish is drying quicker than it can get to the nail! nice formula tho, for a nude, no baldspots :)

Sunday, 12 June 2011

OPI -DS Original!!!! Purple Holo

well after a few weeks of umming and ahhing about the price and shipping for this highly sort after and discontinued polish, and endless emails between me and my supplier, she finally gave me a deal i couldnt refuse, free shipping from USA to me in the UK, as long as i spent £100 in polish, well for a polishaholic like myself, this was a dreadfully easy feat :P she only had two originals in stock, so i said, il take both, :) one for me and one for my good friend kati, they arrived this morning, and so naturally, i had to try it out!!!!! tbh im just gunna leave the pics to speak for themselves!!
(all pics, 3/4 coats original, one coat seche vite)

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Barry M - Peach Melba, GOSH Frou Frou and some new shoes :D

ive been on the look out for a perfect creamy orangey peach for this seasons summer, as we all know orange is in!! well last week i thought i had hit the jackpot with Models Own Golden Peach, but then a friend asked to borrow a colour like it without shimmer (she doesn't do glitter or shimmer!!) and i thought, hmmm i don't own anything  like it without a shimmer, so i racked my brains and thought maybe barry m have a orange one from there ice cream range, nope, then i went into superdrug last week and i found this! its called peach melba, and its a pale creamy peach with no shimmer, the colour sadly is extremely hard to capture, and this one is the closest to it! its kinda a salmon pink coral, but has a definite peach about it, like all barry m polishes this is only two coats, as all there polishes are thick and not overly fast drying sadly, 
one base coat, 2 coats peach melba and one coat of seche vite

well once again im using this polish to liven up a previous mani!!! i decided to put this over barry m peach melba after a day of wearing, as i got bored of it, so decided to completely layer it, as i hadnt got round to doing a full mani in it, and its a hot as i thought i would be, i love it so much, its a perfect dusky pink, mauve colour with same colour glitter, in the different lights, it looks dark purple, baby pink, dusky pink and even plain silver, application is amazing as with all gosh polishes, and it dries so quickly, i was expecting brush lines, but nope, just pure sex on my fingers :)

a very quick shoe purchase!! 

today i went to new look and got these babies, omg, sexy shoesss :)
me likey :) gunna be my new all the time heals me thinks, and they have the ankle support, so no problems wearing these babies all night long :) and shoes i promise you i wont leave you in the pizza house like i did my hot pink pair :( im such a bad momma :(
and now to look at my feet,. :) my friend was like, why bother to do pedi's on ur feet if u don't take pics, so i did :) kinda needs touching up tho, but didn't want to risk getting remover on my tips :)

here we have barry m - pure turquoise and barry m pink flamingo  topped with a few coats of china glaze fairy dust :)
hope your all well <3 and hugs
sammy x

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Just a life rant, feel free to ignore!

hmmm, im only writing this as i feel that i need somewhere to well, rant, and not so much rant, but just let out what i thinking and feeling, so im not bottling it all up!
now i dunno if this is normal, but at the moment im rele struggling with the whole concept of growing up, it scares me, i no longer live at home as my parents kicked me and my younger brother out, he lives with my nan, and i live with my boss, and i know i should be looking for a flat, but thats scary :( now both my grandparents are sick, ouir grandparents raised us, as we have dysfunctional parents granddad will never leave his nursing home, and now they want nan to go to one, :( but my brother lives with nan at her house, and now shes being  taken away, so i have to deal with him, and he has behavior issues, and i have depression issues, so i get sad cos he gets angry and then he gets angry at himself for making me sad, horrid circle, and i just wanna rewind time to when i was abit younger to when all i had to worry about was what was gunna be in my sandwiches, sad to admit it, but i rele miss my dad :(
sitting here thinking about all i miss made me think about autie, now autumn is my rough collie, well should i say was my rough collie,  but when i went away for a year as a gap year, working, my parents made me rehome her, and i had a friend who lost one of her two dogs, so she asked to have autie, as autie and jazz are a similar age and she didnt want to get another puppy, but she is miles away and it would be unfair for me to visit her as she wouldnt know why i was leaving, but i miss her so much, we did so much together, and won so much, and she was my only friend threw a rather shitty upbringing, *crys :(* i just want to cuddle her and never have to let her go and i cant :(
anyway, im all cried out, and have to go visit nan in the hospital and granddad in the home tomorrow, taking robert with me, so totally need my strength! night guys xx

Friday, 3 June 2011

GOSH misty mauve and frou frou

second post today, oooo im keen lol, even tho it is now friday!! hope everyone is well, im relaxing after a 14 hour shift, most annoying lol, but its 3am here, far to late yawn, only im doing this as a treat for kati, :) hope she likes them!! (seeing as they are purple!!)

GOSH Misty Mauve

a lavender creme with no shimmer, this is a lovely mauve tone lavender, not quite sure how the colour looks on my skin tone, im not sure, lol however, i cant wait to jazz this up, maybe with a top coat of fairy dust, for me its lacking something, hmmm
this is 2 coats and it possibly needs a third, as is patchy in places, but i couldnt see that till i took photos! like all gosh np its a smooth application, tho i wish the brush was bigger! takes to long, but the formula isnt mega quick drying so you have time, ps, i havent cleaned up yet, more stuff to come!!!

GOSH Frou Frou

this polish is AMAZINGGGGGGG, zomg, its a lavender and baby pink glitter, im not even sure how to describe it, only i love it, cant wait to do a full mani, omg, <3 snaps for frou frou!!!

close up on one nail, and yes, i still havent cleaned up!!!

Thursday, 2 June 2011

A Large Haul, & Models Own - Golden Peach/Silver smash-up

a little birdy told me that superdrug had some Barry M's on offer, so i rushed into town to stock up, some for swaps, and some for the elusive 100 follower giveaway :) but mostly for me :) yay
top row, bm cyan blue, bm blue shatter, 2true no 3, bm strawberry i/c, bm fuchsia

bottom row, 2true no 11&46, MO golden peach , bm blueberry i/c, bm grey, bm shocking pink, gosh gold, gosh misty mauve (limited ed.) gosh frou-frou, bm pink flamingo, bm peach melba, bm pink shatter, MO silver glitter shatter, 2true no 10&5

Models Own - Golden Peach
I saw this colour a few weeks ago at my local boots, but i ignored it, figured it wouldn't suit me, and that it would take to many coats to hide any vnl, well i admit, i have to eat my hat, it is amazing, a perfect coral, warm, a coral base, with gold and coral shimmer, which was very hard to capture! i could wear this polish for a few days without thinking its getting boring!!! this is a total of 3 coats, and no topcoat!! i loved the finish!! 

however i was bored of it by the next day, so i decided to try the;

Models Own-Silver smash-up

well i don't own opi silver shatter to compare this to, but from looking at swatches of it online, i think the models own is more of a silver colour as apposed to the glitter in the opi, it does however give off a nice eye-catching shimmer to the nail, the cracking effect is ok, i tried both thick and thin coats, with the thick being on the top 2 nails and thin coats on the bottom 2, i think with this polish the thicker coats have shattered better, the smash-up defo needs a top coat of something, as it is a rough glitter feeling finish, yuck lol, the pics are minus a top coat, as i knew it wasn't going to be long!!! lol 

Wednesday, 1 June 2011


hi everyone, well finally, this is my first blog, seeing as i set this up about a year ago! its taken me a long time to get going :D
firstly about me, im sammy, and im 20, and im pretty standard, im only human, have my ups and my downs (sometimes more of one than the other!) im shy, but also bolshy, quiet but also loud, a wallflower but also a drama queen, at least ive never been called boring!
i have a mega cosmetic addiction :S eyeshadows, mascara, lip products, and my most recently vice, nail polish!
i have a mega spending addiction!! clothes, shoes, bags, belts, products, sunglasses,
im a keen animal lover, and i spend alot of time with my dogs, breeding, showing, training and cuddling :) also a horse rider when i have the time!!!
i cant honestly say that this blog will only have one topic, as i would break it, so this blog is mainly about me, what ive been up to, daily banter, hauls, spree's and life,

thanks for taking the time to read,
sammy x