Friday, 3 June 2011

GOSH misty mauve and frou frou

second post today, oooo im keen lol, even tho it is now friday!! hope everyone is well, im relaxing after a 14 hour shift, most annoying lol, but its 3am here, far to late yawn, only im doing this as a treat for kati, :) hope she likes them!! (seeing as they are purple!!)

GOSH Misty Mauve

a lavender creme with no shimmer, this is a lovely mauve tone lavender, not quite sure how the colour looks on my skin tone, im not sure, lol however, i cant wait to jazz this up, maybe with a top coat of fairy dust, for me its lacking something, hmmm
this is 2 coats and it possibly needs a third, as is patchy in places, but i couldnt see that till i took photos! like all gosh np its a smooth application, tho i wish the brush was bigger! takes to long, but the formula isnt mega quick drying so you have time, ps, i havent cleaned up yet, more stuff to come!!!

GOSH Frou Frou

this polish is AMAZINGGGGGGG, zomg, its a lavender and baby pink glitter, im not even sure how to describe it, only i love it, cant wait to do a full mani, omg, <3 snaps for frou frou!!!

close up on one nail, and yes, i still havent cleaned up!!!

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