Wednesday, 1 June 2011


hi everyone, well finally, this is my first blog, seeing as i set this up about a year ago! its taken me a long time to get going :D
firstly about me, im sammy, and im 20, and im pretty standard, im only human, have my ups and my downs (sometimes more of one than the other!) im shy, but also bolshy, quiet but also loud, a wallflower but also a drama queen, at least ive never been called boring!
i have a mega cosmetic addiction :S eyeshadows, mascara, lip products, and my most recently vice, nail polish!
i have a mega spending addiction!! clothes, shoes, bags, belts, products, sunglasses,
im a keen animal lover, and i spend alot of time with my dogs, breeding, showing, training and cuddling :) also a horse rider when i have the time!!!
i cant honestly say that this blog will only have one topic, as i would break it, so this blog is mainly about me, what ive been up to, daily banter, hauls, spree's and life,

thanks for taking the time to read,
sammy x

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